Who we are?

We are a team of investors from Italy, with partners in Israel.

What we do?

Our company has been building various residential projects in Italy and in Israel. We acquired a solid experience and built a professional team that allow us to handle the different projects in the best way.
We believe that our customers are our partners and that the success come from a good name and reputation.
Because of that we do not enter in all the projects that are offered to us but select the ones where we can have a win-win relationship with the other partners.

Real Estate Ventures

Properties Management

We organize and manage REAL ESTATE VENTURES, such as building from scratch or adding more built up area, either with TAMA 38
or with normal authorisation processes, according to the case.
We can offer “combination” ventures, where the land owner receive a built up portion of the new construction as payment of his land, or
find other solutions to make sure that both for us and for the land owner there is the maximum result.

We also MANAGE FINISHED PROJECTS FOR RENTAL: we take care of renting out the properties, cash the leases, give full maintenance services.